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How to edit Power Point Slide Show

Have you recieved one day a Power Point slide show that you can only view and wished you could edit it to add new slides or copy some of its slides or graphics?   For me, I had, and many times I recieve this kind of files and thought it is a kind of protection of slide shows to prevent editing them, and sometimes I thought saving a Power Point presenation as a slide show helps reducing its size, but it was not like that.

A power point slide show (ppx) is a presenation file (ppt) and saved as a slide show (by save as PowerPoint Show).   When you need to edit this type of file, you can simply rename it to change its extension from PPX to PPT (just like that), you can open it with Power Point like any other presentation file.  But Ofcourse it wise to save a copy first.

Remember to enable the displaying the file extension option to be able to see extension as in Windows XP and Windows 7 it is automatically hides extensions of known file types.   To do that open windows explorer window and from Tools>Folder Option, Click on view tab, then uncheck the box beside “Hide extensions for known file types”.

If the Tools menu does not exist in the explorer window, simply press Alt key and the menu will appear.

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