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Changing Headers in MDdaemon email server

Recently we were asked to acquire a new domain for the company and start to implement it to be our main web domain name and to map email accounts to it.   The company already had another domain names for years with .net extension and the new domain was with .com

We have responded to the request and acquired the new domain, chnaged the DNS records and MX records to point to the new domain and then we have configured email alias with the new domain for the existing email accounts, and finally reconfigured email clients to use the new alias when sending email.   The company uses MDaemon email server v.12 and every thing was going fine till we had some complains that there are certain domain refuse to accept email from the company’s usesr and it was considered spam.  and failure message sent by the other mail server contained something like this:

Transfer Complete  Wed 2011-11-16 03:27:58: <– 554 sorry, Spam detected by SpamAssassin (#5.3.4)

And other mail servers replied with something similar considering it was spam.

After deep analysis we noted that the problem was in the domain translation for the mail server and the mail clients, that is the MDaemon was configured originally to be a .net domain, while the mail client send email as .com domain,   Spam filters consider this as spam.

After searching on the internet and the knowledge base on MDaemon web site we found a good option that fixed this and simplified our work.  The Option was “Header Translation” Under Setup > Default Domain & Servers:

We have added the existing header header text:  company.net  and the New header test: company.com

Since then, no more spam failuer messages

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