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Rejected email with “No verifiable sender address” error

We had some specific domains won’t accept messages from email server, and users always recieve failure message.  When analyzed the failure message, it seems that the other server actually accpet the message and started the transfer, howeve after transfer complete the message is returned with the following error:

550 No verifiable sender address in message headers

Every was configure correctly on the mail server, and email transfer was going fine for other domains, and actually we were confused.   I had a look at the DNS records to see if there is something wrong, abd actually I did not find something wrong, but I noticed something different from what I did in the previous domains I worked in configuring them.

In our domain, the MX record pointed to the IP address of the mail server, but I remembered that before in another domain I made it point to the A record, so I decided to change it to see if it will help.

The A record was   mail.company.com points to the IP address of the mail server, and I changed the MX record topoint to that A record instead of the IP address.   After changing this every thing was going fine.

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