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Simple Windows Server Backup Script – Part 3 2008 R2

In my previous post of Backing up and restoring windows 2008 , I gave some examples of using wbadmin command in backup & restore, also I gave some idea on scheduling it and keep old backups archive.

In Windows 2008 the option Include in wbadmin command allow you to restore specific files or folders from a backup archive, but it let you only specify whole volumes to backup (taking image of them).   You cannot select specific files or folders to backup.

However, in windows 2008 R2 this ability is available.  You can select specific files or folders when using the -include option.

Another ability in 2008 R2 backup is you can select to backup the system state as an item.   It creates a backup that includes the system state in addition to any other items that you specified with the -include parameter. The system state contains boot files (Boot.ini, NDTLDR, NTDetect.com), the Windows Registry including COM settings, the SYSVOL (Group Policies and Logon Scripts), the Active Directory and NTDS.DIT on Domain Controllers and, if the certificates service is installed, the Certificate Store. If your server has the Web server role installed, the IIS Metadirectory will be included. If the server is part of a cluster, Cluster Service information will also be included.

These two options were not available in wbadmin that comes with windows 2008.


wbadmin start backup –backupTarget:d: -include:g\folder1,h:\folder2 –systemstate 

The restore operation is the same as explained for windows 2008.   Please review the previous Post ” Simple Windows Server Backup Script – Part 2 2008 

Things to remember when restoring backup:

  1. If your backuptarget is a volume (not a shared folder), e.g. ( -backuptarget:F: ) the folder named “WindowsImageBackup” should be on the root of that volume.
  2. If you are restoring registry on a Domain Controller server, you must perform the restoration in the Directory Services Recovery Mode (DSRM)

I hope this will give you a quick approach to schedule windows 2008 & 2008R2 backup.  Other parameters were not discussed as I have focused on the most important.

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