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Administrator is denied from access backup folders (Win 2008)

In my previous post of ” Run scheduled tasks with highest privileges ” to allow a sheduled task with specific account to use the wbadmin backup command,  the same user is not able to view the backup folder or view its properties (for example, it was a requirment that the backup operator to view the backup folder size every day)  even if that user is a domain administrator.

After a little search and reading some articles, I found that the problem is in the new feature in windows 2008 (User Account Control).  And some suggests to disable it if not needed.

I found that we do not need it for our enviornment and specific setup, so I disabled it and restarted the server and the problem was solved.

How to Disable the User Account Control:

1) Open The group policy Editor – simply type gpmc.msc in the search box then right click it and select Run As Administrator.

2) Right click the Default Domain Policy and select Edit.  Group Policy Management Editor opens.

3) Go to:  Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options

4) Go to: User Account Control

5) Edit the policies  – as shown in the image

6) Restart the server



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