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Galaxy DUOS second SIM voice call problem during data comnection


I have Galaxy Grand smart phone,  and I like it as it has what I need for mobile connectivity,  suitable screen size in addition to the dual SIM feature.  I use the first SIM card for data connections and voice calls and the second SIM for voice calls.

After I setup every thing and started to use it I noticed a strange problem, that several people told me that when they call me,  they have difficulty to reach me on the second SIM and I started to receive many SMS from the operator informing me that people tried to call me and could not reach me.  At that time I believed that the quality of service that the operator provides is declining!!

But few weeks ago one of my colleagues who use S4 mini ( which is DUOS as well ) that he has the same problem and it seems that the problem when there is a data connection established by the first SIM.   I tried it practically, and I found it TRUE.

It was sad for me 😦 till I found that it is an option in Galaxy DUOS.   In Android 4.x go to SIM Card Manager,  there you will find an option called “Receive incoming calls” unchecked,  check it, and it will tell you that the data connection will be slower,  accept that and the problem will be solved.  For me I did not feel that the data connection, email, web browsing, Facebook, or any of applications like these gone slow.

Recieve Incoming Calls


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